Ms. Betty Smallwood, the General Administrator, to whom all correspondence should be addressed, is responsible for booking arrangements for Scientific Dinner Meetings and for other Hunterian events.

Please contact her on or when urgent please call Betty on 020 7436 7363

Fellows Reservations

The Calendar, within which the programme of all Scientific Meetings is listed, is printed in a folded stiff board A5 format for circulation to all Fellows.

The application form to attend each Scientific Meeting is now formulated as a colour-coded sheet of A4 paper on the obverse of which, there being more space available than with the previous design of notices, fuller information on the speaker and subject of each Meeting can now be given than has been hitherto possible.

There is a “tear-off” slip at the bottom of each A4 sheet (as illustrated) to enable Fellows to advise the Administrative Secretary of their intention to attend and of the number of guests they may wish to introduce.

Fellows are asked kindly to make payment by cheque to the General administrator, as has been customary, five days in advance of Meetings.


The most cursory examination of the records of the Society shows it to have been, since its inception in 1819 and over the years that followed, the most open and accessible of organizations, parochial only in the original geographical sense of that word – having historically had its being in the metropolis of London.

Now, with ease of world travel conjoined with the arrival of the World Wide Web the Society seizes new opportunity to bring likeminded scientific men and women though its doors.

Hunterian Fellows, in addition to bringing their own personal guests to meetings, therefore extend a warm welcome to all members of good standing in the medical and dental professions world-wide to join them at table at any one in the Society’s Calendar of Scientific Dinner Meetings which by happy chance coincides with their visit to the United Kingdom.

Fellows likewise extend a cordial invitation to members of kindred Societies and to colleagues in affiliated professions – Veterinary, Nursing, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Health Care Managers and the like, the list is not exclusive – to apply to come to their Scientific Dinner Meetings as ‘Visitors’. Equally, Fellows offer the opportunity to those working in the field of Life Sciences and the related disciplines – whether in Research Institutes, in University Establishments or in the Pharmaceutical Industry – who have a special interest in a particular subject of meeting in the current Calendar of Session to make arrangements to attend the appropriate meeting as set out below.

A welcome is extended from Fellows to Students in the disciplines of Medicine and Dentistry to come to Meetings of the Society when every effort will be made to accommodate them. 

Students, as above, may make contact directly to the General Administrator giving due identification – to attend Scientific Meetings either with or after dinner. There is no fee for attendance at at meetings but enquiries as to the cost of dining should be made, also, to the Administrator, Ms. Betty Smallwood. 

It is to be hoped that some students will wish to dine before the lectures and will then be seated amongst the Fellows in the same random order of chance that we seat ourselves at meal to enjoy social congress as well as comestibles!

Visitors’ Contacts – to Request Attendance at a Meeting

Foreign and other Visitors – as described above – desiring to attend a meeting of the Hunterian Society are invited to initiate contact either via the Society’s General Administrator, Ms Betty Smallwood or, directly, with  the President, with their request to attend as a paying Guest.

Visitors are respectfully asked to include a note of introduction in the e-mail stating their professional qualifications and affiliations in Healthcare, Science or the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Students of Medicine and Dentistry, also, are particularly welcome to apply likewise to attend Scientific Meetings either dining or after dinner. There is no fee for attendance at meetings following dinner but enquiries as to the cost of dining, if desired, should be made, also, to the Administrator, Ms. Betty Smallwood.

Payments should be received in advance as for Fellows.

N.B. As meetings may be circumscribed in the numbers who can be accommodated at a given venue and date it is essential that Visitors desiring to attend should seek advice on availability in advance when planning to attend.