How to Join

To become a member of the Hunterian Society a prospective Fellow must be proposed and seconded by current Fellows of the Society, and the nomination agreed by the members by a show of hands at a scientific meeting.

However, prospective members are most welcome at meetings and would attend as ‘guests of the President’.

The Society would be pleased to welcome prospective members at any of the meetings listed in the Calendar section.

Before attending, visitors must contact Ms Leah Parvin by email at to ask to attend.


Please use this application form and send to


Membership of the Society is open to all registered medical and dental practitioners upon proposal by two Fellows of the Society who have personal knowledge of the Candidate.

The Honorary Secretary shall advise the President of any such proposal at the next most immediate open meeting of the Society when the candidature shall be presented for election to the vote of the assembled Fellows.

A duly elected candidate shall be inducted into Fellowship by the President upon the authority of Council at their first attended meeting.

Honorary Fellows

The President, on the authority of Council, shall propose as Honorary Fellows those Fellows who have given signal service over time to the Society.

The President is empowered by Council to propose men and women of high merit and reputation in the fields of the Law, the Sciences, the Arts and the wider world of endeavour to Honorary Fellowship of the Society.

These shall be subject to the same processes of election as for candidates for ordinary Fellowship.

There shall be no more than twenty Honorary Fellows.