Hunterian Medal, Prize and Scholarship




The Hunterian Society Prize is awarded annually for the best essay of up to 2000 words that connects contemporary medical or veterinary practice and knowledge to 18th and 19th century medicine/comparative anatomy/evolutionary biology in Britain, with particular relevance to the work and legacy of John Hunter.

The successful applicant will receive £750 and free Fellowship of the Hunterian Society for five years.

All shortlisted applicants will be awarded free Fellowship of the Hunterian Society for one year.


Fully registered, non-Consultant grade doctors, dentists, veterinary surgeons, and medical and veterinary students. Applications and submission of essay should be sent via e-mail to:


Applicants should provide personal details including their postal and e-mail addresses, together with the title and outline of their proposed submission.

Applications and submission of essay should be sent via e-mail to: Shortlisted applicants are expected to make a power point presentation of 15 minutes, followed by a 5 minute period of questions, to a meeting of the Society.

The Hunterian Society reserves the right not to award the Prize.

Timetable for 2022
The deadline for submission is 31 December 2022. A shortlist of successful entrants will be announced in early February 2023 and shortlisted authors will be invited to present at the Society meeting on 20 March 2023: the winner and runners up will be selected at the meeting.

Hunterian Prize Winners

Winner November 2021

Erin Whyte

“John Hunter is renowned for both his contribution to cardiac pathology and his ‘irascible and tenacious’ temper. Hunter’s death from coronary heart disease in 1793 following an angry outburst at a meeting was linked by his contemporaries to his emotional state. Modern evidence on the relationship between anger and heart disease is varied but perhaps conclusive enough to suggest that managing anger constructively is advisable to avoid the same fate.”

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Hunterian Prize Winners

Winner November 2020

Miss Tamari Nyakunengwa

“John Hunter’s Unsung Contribution to Obstetric Medicine and its Role in the Diagnosis and Management of Fetomaternal Haemorrhage”

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Runners-up November 2020

Mr Paul Williams

“Hunterian ideals in the time of Covid-19’”

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Runners-up November 2020

Mrs Ho Cheung Anthony Yip and Sen Tan

“Review of John Hunter’s work regarding cardiovascular events’”

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Hunterian Prize Winners

Winners 2019

Mae-Sing Lim-Cooke
A comparison between
the general management
of gunshot wounds in
the 18th and 21st Century

Nadine McCauley
John Hunter and
Paediatric Urology in
the Eighteenth Century

Mae-Sing Lim-Cooke
3rd year medical student (L)
Nadine McCauley,
core surgical trainee,
either side of President
Prof Stephen Challacombe:

Hunterian Prize Winners

Winner 2013

Hutan Ashrafian

“John Hunter and the Earliest Description
of Three Congenital Cardiac Conditions”

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Winner 2012

Ian L. Alberts

“John Hunter – A very modern military surgeon”

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Hunterian Scholarship Winners

Winner 2012

Ali Bahsoun

Winner 2011

Laura Kelly

Winner 2010

Joseph Fitchet

Winner 2009

Oussama Elhage, Nicholas Cambridge, Prokar Dasgupta

“Difficult catheterisa.on: Advice from the eighteenth century”

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