Hunterian Medal, Prize and Scholarship


Hunterian Medal

Letter from Sir Barry Jackson

Hunterian Society Prize and Scholarship

No scholarship to be awarded until further notice

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Hunterian Prize Winners

Winners 2019

Mae-Sing Lim-Cooke
A comparison between
the general management
of gunshot wounds in
the 18th and 21st Century

Nadine McCauley
John Hunter and
Paediatric Urology in
the Eighteenth Century

Mae-Sing Lim-Cooke
3rd year medical student (L)
Nadine McCauley,
core surgical trainee,
either side of President
Prof Stephen Challacombe:

Hunterian Prize Winners

Winner 2013

Hutan Ashrafian

“John Hunter and the Earliest Description
of Three Congenital Cardiac Conditions”

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Winner 2012

Ian L. Alberts

“John Hunter – A very modern military surgeon”

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Hunterian Scholarship Winners

Winner 2012

Ali Bahsoun

Winner 2011

Laura Kelly

Winner 2010

Joseph Fitchet

Winner 2009

Oussama Elhage, Nicholas Cambridge, Prokar Dasgupta

“Difficult catheterisa.on: Advice from the eighteenth century”

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